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Johnny's at 17th & Surf, N. Wildwood, NJ

Dad & Grandpop Accardi

Dad & Aunt Mary Ann
(John's Godmother)

Dad Preparing Pizza For
Grandpop Accardi

Carly Helping Dad
Close Up For The Night

Dad Only Uses "The Best Cheese Money Can Buy" Grande!

"The Best Piece In Town"
The Famous Cigar Photo

Dad Forming The Dough

Dad Holding Carly

Training Day:
In The Ice Box Dough Room

Dad Forming The Crust

Our Cousin Annie, Dad & Mom
On The Bench Outside Johnny's Pizza

Dad Saucing The Pizza

Dad Weighing The Dough

Best Slice In N. Wildwood, NJ

Pizza Makes Everyone Smile

Families Favorite Pizza Shop

Families Loved Our Dad's Arcade

Aunt Kathy, Grandmom Kennedy,
and Aunt Joanne

Grandpop Kennedy, Carly, Little Carlo, and Johnny

Young Johnny Accardi
Serves Up A Slice

Joey, Carly, and Johnny Enjoy Our Dad's Outdoor Counter Seating

Johnny, Joey & Carly.
As Iconic As Zoolander's Blue Steel
Carly's Raisin Face!

Carly, Joey & Johnny Helping With Small Tasks

Johnny's Pizza, The Early Years.
To The Right Was Uncle Jim's Steaks.

Johnny's Pizza, The Later Years
To The Right Was Johnny's Seafood.

The Kennedy Family Visits From PA

Grandmom Kennedy
Grabs Another Slice!

Every Summer Kids Looked Forward To See What New Games Dad Would Bring Into His Arcade.
Lots Of Quarters Spent Here!

Pizza With Grandmom Accardi & The Accardi Cousins!

Dad & Mom, Early Years

Possibly The Best Photo Ever Taken.
Dad & Mom, Later Years With Branded Shirts.

Mom & Dad, Early Years, Fall Season

Little Sister Sharyn Loves Pizza

Dad & Johnny Taking a Quick Break

Dad after work with Mom & Johnny, wearing one of the first iterations of his branded shirts.

Dad & Uncle Jimmy

Dad working at the 5&10 Store, before he transformed the space into Johnny's Pizza!

Bonus Photos Of Accardi Four Corners 1982
Courtesy of Wildwood Historical Society

5&10 Store Would Be Later Transformed Into Johnny's Pizza.

17th & Surf Pastry Shop
Later The Site Of Inspirations Gift Shop.

17th & Surf New Center is now 17th & Surf Beach Center and is owned by our Uncle Anthony & Aunt Patty.

The Little Giant Market still owned by our Uncle Johnny & Aunt Judy.

Samuel's Pancake House still owned by our Uncle Sammy & Aunt Jeannie.

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