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The Portnoy Effect Gallery

"Do That Dance!" - The One-Bite Review that started it all!
Nothing could have prepared us for the absolutely amazing response to this video from the fans of Dave Portnoy & Barstool Sports! The initial wave was over 4,000 orders, or 20,000 pizzas!

Johnny steps off the production line to give a quick update and say "Thank You!"

Johnny, Joey, Carlo, and Paulie show everyone the freezer truck that will make fulfilling the Portnoy Effect possible, and say a quick "Thank You!" to everyone who helped make this happen!

"Pizza is love!" - Shout Out from Dave Portnoy on our progress!
We are hard at work making pizzas and sourcing all the materials we need to fulfill our orders. After this shoutout, our total number of orders doubles!

The whole family working to pump out as many pizzas as possible!
During this first week, we still had to adhere to reduced hours at the Sweet Auburn Municipal Market, however after a few days of emails and phone calls, Johnny and Jessie were able to convince the market's management to allow us longer hours of operation to fulfill the Portnoy Effect.

Due to supply chain issues and newly implemented ordering limits as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns, we had to source our products from a number of different vendors. The biggest challenge was finding a new source for our Insulated Shipping Bags.
The demand for the Coldkeepers had grown so high with hospitals buying up their stock in anticipation of a future vaccine, that when we went to place an order the day after the One-Bite Review, we discovered they were on backorder for two months.
Luckily, we were able to replace this product with Uline, another great company that we highly recommend.

A similar issue arises with acquiring Dry Ice - what little local facilities are able to make with reduced staff is reserved for medical purposes only. 
This forces us to continue cold-shipping with frozen gel packs for the beginning of the Portnoy Effect.
Once again, Uline was able to keep us supplied with this essential product until local Dry Ice manufacturers could reopen at full production. 

The Portnoy Effect reaches every State!
We also have requests to ship our pizzas internationally, but America First!

Our cousins Annie, Johnnie, and Jimmie close their pizza shop, The Famous Brick Oven Pizzeria on Beech Mountain, NC to come help us in Atlanta for a week! Of course we had to celebrate with some High Noon!

Our cousins Annie, Johnnie, and Jimmie & friends of the family, Justin and Harper, in Atlanta to help us get everything set up for success at the end of the first week of The Portnoy Effect!

Joey and the newly-wed friends of the family, Joel & April, lead the charge on all things shipping!

Johnny helps our favorite Fedex Pickup Driver, Lawrence, load up his truck with Carlo's Pizza!

After our Frozen Pizzas, our House-made Sauce is our 2nd Most Requested Item!

Lawrence is the most professional and reliable of all of our Fedex Pickup Drivers!

Johnny, Joey & Paulie in the Freezer Truck!

With strict indoor dining restrictions in place throughout Atlanta, many of our friends from Two Urban Licks were temporarily out of work. We were thrilled when friends like Cortez and Al offered to help us in their newfound free time.

With a crew of family, personal friends, and friends from Two Urban Licks, shipping days consistently look like this.

Carlo hard at work making sure the pizzas are picture perfect before they are sent off to the freezer.

Our customers are some truly amazing people! Nothing brought us more joy during this time than talking to our customers and seeing their reviews, photos, and videos. We will forever be proud to have brought others even a little excitement and joy during the national shutdown.

Grandmom Accardi's Meatballs hit all 50 States!

Johnny's fiancé, Jessie, is a huge help on our shipping days! With her help we were able to fill this FedEx truck top to bottom with pizza!

Another friend from Two Urban Licks - Curt is a true Jack-of-All-Trades! Always ready to jump on the next task, there's not much this man can't do.

Johnny making sure everything in the freezer truck is ready to ship!

Dry Ice is available once again!
The new patterned diamond stickers are necessary to have on display when shipping packages with dry ice through 2nd-Day Air or Next-Day Air services.

Joel hard at work making new shipping arrangements for our customers affected by wildfires in California.

Johnny and Paulie after a long day making pizza!

As we near the end of the Portnoy Effect, we introduce a White Margherita Pizza to our online store to provide returning customers with something new.

Washington DC approves some leave for Carly & Billy, and they are back in Atlanta to help us knock out The Portnoy Effect!

Paulie's friends from Walton High School in Marietta, Andrew and Grace, are amazing working the production line with Paulie.

Some Pepperoni Pizzas fully assembled and ready for the freezer!

The whole Carlo's Pizza family celebrating the completion of The Portnoy Effect!
Only for a moment though, because we still have a lot more orders to fulfill from returning customers!

Joel & April gift each of the Brothers a pair of Ray Bans on their last day with us before they embark on their next adventure together.

Caitlin, one of our managers at Two Urban Licks, comes to visit us at the shop!

Carlo and Paulie making a delivery to our friends at Two Urban Licks as they prepare to reopen with limited service.


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