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Kaiju Dogs Gallery

"Four guys under a street lamp with it all still ahead of us!" Our very first purchase for our first business.

Work-in-progress photo of our second purchase - a 13 foot tall sculpture of Atlanta's favorite Kaiju, made entirely out of styrofoam and expertly crafted by the talented Eddie Wright!

An early draft of our menu written in Johnny's server book in-between taking orders at TWO Urban Licks.
(Spelling was corrected in later drafts)

Joey (the tallest brother) is dwarfed by the newly completed "King Kaiju".

A fog machine and a series of tubes installed within the sculpture brings "King Kaiju" to life and gives him his signature atomic breath.

First official batch of Kaiju Dogs with our signature sauces.

Our Grand Opening Announcement
On Social Media!

Opening Day!

Paulie Making Our Fresh-Squeezed Matcha Ginger Lemonade!

Joey at the register on our Opening Day.

Setting up the dining area for our first 4th of July.

The Chocolate "Gobzilla" Cookie!

The ATL Beltline's Newest
Instagram-Worthy Attraction

Our Little Sisters Sharyn & Hayley Celebrating The 4th Of July

The following week we added more seating as well as a large tent to cover the service area.

A small detail can make all the difference - we always cut two rows of small slits in our dogs to ensure they absorb the nutty flavor of the sesame oil we grill them in.

Paulie in the Kaiju Dogs Kitchen

Always looking to improve our customer's experience, we relocated King Kaiju closer to our entrance - giving him more visibility from the Beltline, and enhancing photo opportunities as well, with the elimination of background shrubbery.

Our Menu Expands!
Tokyo-Style Sweet Potato Fries,
Yucca Fries & Ginger Orangeade
Join Our Signature Dogs & Matcha Ginger Lemonade.

Celebrating after being hired to cater two nights a week at Monday Night Brewing!

Johnny Grilling at Monday Night Brewing!

Food That Pairs Perfectly With Any Beer.

Our First Time Serving Monday Night Brewing Was A Black Tie Event!

Nothing Is Better Than Being Able To Work Together As A Family.

Close-Up Of The Jaeger Dog!
100% All-Beef Dog With Vegan Kimchi, Teriyaki Aioli, Wasabi Dijon & Toasted Sesame Seeds.

A New Fence Presents An Opportunity To Add More Seating Overlooking The Beltline. 

The New Fence Also Provides A Place To Hang New Signage.

King Kaiju Is Everyone's Favorite Photo Op!

Carlo & Family Friend Monty Lo Sasso Overlooking Atlanta's Lantern Day Parade

A Special Lantern Day Parade Treat - Grab & Go Smores

Carly & Billy Visit Kaiju Dogs For The First Time. Check Out The Billy Review!

The Billy Review!

A Perfect Day On The Atlanta Beltline Starts Here.

Jessie Taking A Photo For Instagram.

Joey at the counter with a new heavy-duty gazebo and serving Miss D's Sriracha Popcorn. 

After an amazing summer we were presented with an incredible opportunity to bring our Dad's pizza to Atlanta!


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