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Carlo's Pizza at The Sweet Auburn Municipal Curb Market

Once again, big things start with a simple drawing in a server book, hastily scribbled in-between orders at TWO Urban Licks.

A picture of our newly leased space before we started transforming it into Carlo's Pizza. The space is a little over 400 square feet in total, and features a wrap-around counter for in-person dining.

Joey & Paulie painting the walls.

Johnny hand-paints our signage - just like Mom & Dad used to.

New Equipment Being Delivered!

Mom Admiring the New Ovens

New Stools & More Progress Made on Johnny's Hand-Painted Signage!

Logo Design Proof For Our 18' Pizza Boxes

All Four Brothers Hanging Our First Menu

Everything Is Starting To Come Together!

The Set-Up Is Complete And We Are Ready To Open!

The 1st Batch of Dough

Mom & Johnny - Opening Day!

Carlo Making A Pizza - Opening Day!

Dad's Pizza Draws Crowds

Paulie Presenting A White Pie

Cortez From TWO Urban Licks Comes To Visit!

Pictures of Dad from 17th & Surf are finally printed and hung all around the pizza shop!

Carlo With Our New Pizza Boxes!

Our Cousins Annie, Johnnie, and Jimmie come visit ss in ATL, all the way from their pizza shop on Beech Mountain, NC - The Famous Brick Oven Pizzeria!

Our pizza travels across state lines for the 1st time! Long before The Portnoy Effect, our cousins brought a par-baked pie back to their pizza shop in NC for our Uncle Jim!

Not your standard pizza shop salad - our Dad's Mediterranean Salad comes with dried cranberries, roasted almonds, cucumbers, and our signature sweet white balsamic vinaigrette. 

Nothing beats an ice cream cone with jimmies after a slice of Boardwalk-Style Pizza!

Mom Cutting a Half & Half Pie!

Spider-Man swings by to make some deliveries to nearby Grady Hospital!

Grandmom Accardi's Meatballs!

The word is getting out - we have the Best Pizza in Town!

Our new 10" Hoagies are an immediate hit!

One happy customer asks Joey, Carlo, and Paulie to pose for a picture, after they discovered the best pizza in Atlanta!

Our new Baked Pastas are a favorite among Grady's Heathcare workers who are looking for a filling meal before returning to their shifts.

An expanding menu means that Johnny has more signage to paint.

Carly & Billy visit and show off their pizza making abilities!

During their visit, Carly & Billy surprise us with our very own branded shirts - making this family photo even more special!

Just in time for cooler weather - our Dad's Pasta Fazool is added to our menu!

Candid shot of Paulie and Billy.

Our New Toasted Turkey Hoagies are perfect for Fall!

Sharyn's First Pizza!
Sharyn forms the outline of the crust before stretching the dough.

Mom offers step-by-step instruction to ensure all of our pizzas look and taste just like Dad's.

Sharyn with her finished first pizza - she is now the standard for all of our new hires.

All the Brothers hard at work.

With Thanksgiving & Christmas around the corner, lots of companies in Metro Atlanta are hiring Carlo's Pizza to cater their events.

Dad's Cousin Carlo Visits!

Nothing but the best! We only use the same Sweet & Mild Italian Sausage that our Dad did back in Wildwood, NJ.

The Original Jersey Special - salami, sweet capicola, prosciutto, basil, cracked black pepper, and a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Uncle Johhny & Aunt Judy visit after their season in Wildwood, NJ at The Little Giant Market!

Carlo plating up some slices!

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

A fresh pot of Dad's Pasta Fazool being brought to a simmer.

A White Margherita Pie ready to be sliced and dished out!

Carlo's Pizza welcomes a very special visitor from the North Pole!

Honored to have been recognized in this issue of "The Best of Atlanta"!

Mom & Joey

Pepperoni & Works Pies Ready For Pick-Up

As per Accardi Family Tradition - the Christmas Tree stays up well after the New Year

Nothing beats a Classic Cheese Pie!

Our Meatball Sub!

The Perfect Lunch!

Now That's Amore!

Pictures of our food are printed and hung up, completing the canopy display.

Our Garlic Cheese Bread served with our House-Made Marinara is the perfect appetizer for larger families.

Carlo Does It All!

Sharyn hard at work scooping Ice Cream!

Us brothers were blessed to start our journey in Atlanta working for Chef Bertozzi at Two Urban Licks. When we started Carlo's Pizza, he was one of our biggest supporters and was always available to offer advice. We were honored when he stopped by for one last hoagie before leaving Atlanta in pursuit of his next adventure!

Whenever one of us brothers heads up to New Jersey, we always make sure to bring back a surplus of our favorite soda - Birch Beer!

Our Italian Hoagies are now almost as popular as our pizza.

Taste The Legend!

Even in February, there's something about Orange Sherbet & Vanilla Ice Cream that takes you back to summer nights in Wildwood, NJ!

March 2020 - In response to Covid-19 mandates, we were forced to suspend in-person dining and reduce our hours of operation. Paulie looks around our now closed restaurant as the world around us shuts down for "15 Days to Slow the Spread."

We bring our Catering Menu to third party delivery apps. All of our menu items can now be delivered in much larger portions, in an effort to appeal to large local families who are being made to shelter in place.

Happiness is sharing a pizza with loved ones.

At the start of the lockdowns, nearby Grady Hospital was undergoing extensive repairs - our Hoagie Tray was frequently ordered by the essential Construction Workers working to bring the hospital wing back to an operational level.

Our Meatball Sub Tray is the perfect Lockdown Lunch for Essential Workers.

Mandated reduced hours of operation during this time means we cannot be open to meet our customer's needs during dinner hours - our Customizable Pizza Meal Kits serve to fill that void and provide families both large and small a fun activity for the evenings.

Ever since Carly & Billy got our first round of branded shirts printed, we've always tried to keep a small stock of shirts available for purchase. With food sales dwindling in the pandemic, we expand our merchandise options, printing branded sweatshirts, canvas tote bags, and our personal favorite - the baby onesie for future pizza makers.

Due to Covid-19, we replace our traditional slices with Personal-Sized Pizzas to allow for improved quality with deliveries, and to appeal to individuals and couples where ordering a large pie would be impractical.
This change also inspires Johnny to begin working on our next Covid-19 endeavor - Shipping!

After the Sweet Auburn Municipal Market makes the decision to shut down entirely, Johnny leads the charge in diverting all our efforts into building our online store and ordering materials to begin shipping our pizzas to family and friends.

Johnny finds Coldkeepers, and orders a few samples to begin testing shipping scenarios!
We absolutely recommend Coldkeepers to anyone looking to start cold-shipping products.

We welcome the newest member of the Accardi Family - Nucky!

Now Shipping Across the USA!

Johnny telling everyone about the launch of our new website - selling our Frozen Pizzas Nation-Wide, in late April 2020.

Johnny explains how we package our Frozen Pizzas using Coldkeepers Insulated Liners and Boxes to ensure their safe delivery to you at home!

Carly & Billy receive their Frozen Carlo's Pizzas and brand-new sweatshirts while sheltering-in-place in Florida! 

Some of our Frozen Pepperoni Pizzas vacuum-sealed and ready to be shipped!

After we shipped our cousins, Brie, John, Sammy, and Matt a pack of our frozen pizzas, they told us we had to send a pack to Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports, and then somehow discovered his address for us.

The biggest Hail Mary ever!
At this point in time we have shipped 26 packages of our frozen pizzas to family and friends mostly along the East Coast.


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