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Carlo's Pizza Supports Local Racing Talent: Meet Max Brady, the Future of Nascar

Carlo's Pizza is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of Max Brady, a talented local racer who we believe to be destined for greatness in the world of Nascar. Currently competing in the eNascar's Norse Force "Road To Pro" series, sponsored by Coca-Cola, Max is making waves as he climbs the ladder of success behind the wheel of the Carlo's Pizza #17 Car.

Fans and racing enthusiasts can catch all the action and support Max by watching these exhilarating races live. Head over to our event page, set a reminder on your calendar, and tap the link to witness the excitement firsthand. (races spread throughout July 20 - Sep 28 2023)

Max Brady: Driven to Succeed

We sat down with Max Brady to learn more about his journey and aspirations in the world of racing. When asked about his favorite Nascar driver, Max mentioned the legendary Jeff Gordon. Max admires Gordon's resilience and never-give-up attitude, which has served as a source of inspiration for his own racing career.

Max's Journey into iRacing:

Max shared with us that his passion for iRacing was ignited after watching it on YouTube. The concept of being able to virtually drive in a simulator on real tracks that Nascar drivers compete on, with a level of competitiveness not found in traditional video games, fascinated him. Max acknowledged the exceptional opportunity presented by iRacing to fully immerse himself in the racing world and refine his skills as he progresses towards the professional level.

Favorite Track:

When asked about his favorite track, Max enthusiastically mentioned the iconic Daytona 500. Known for its history, prestige, and thrilling races, Daytona International Speedway holds a special place in Max's heart. Its high speeds, close racing, and rich heritage make it a favorite among fans and drivers alike.

Support Max Brady on his Journey:

Carlo's Pizza invites all racing enthusiasts and local supporters to rally behind Max Brady as he continues to make strides in the eNascar "Road To Pro" series. With the backing of Carlo's Pizza, Max is determined to showcase his talent and potential to the world. By watching the live races, fans can witness his skill and determination firsthand, cheering him on every step of the way.

Join the Excitement:

To catch Max Brady in action and support him as he races towards his dreams, head over to our event page. Set a reminder on your calendar and tap the provided link to watch the races live. Be part of the thrilling journey as Max races towards the finish line, dominating the leader board in the Carlo's Pizza #17 car.


Max's determination, inspired by his favorite driver Jeff Gordon, propels him forward as he competes in the eNascar "Road To Pro" series. By supporting Max, Carlo's Pizza showcases its commitment to fostering local talent and contributing to the excitement of the racing community. So mark your calendars, join us in watching the live races, and cheer for Max Brady as he chases his dreams.

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